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The campus card program is one of the most important functional areas in an organization. Many functional areas need an ID card to access resources on campus. This eco-system of users and resources should work seamlessly to minimize service disruptions. Resources include but is not limited to: access control; meal plans; laundry; vending machines; printing; gym; health services; off-campus vendors; museums; special events.

Each of these functional areas may require a single card technology or multiple card technologies. Contact or contact-less. Magnetic stripe, RFID, Biometrics, QR Code and Barcode. Cardholders need to focus on the task at hand or the resource they need to access.This requires on-demand access and seamless mobility across the local or global campus. Choosing the appropriate technology and to minimize service disruptions, requires an effective and efficient ID card strategy. SFASE can help.

Advance your card program with an effective and efficient ID card strategy!

Whether your challenge is local or global, reduce costs and eliminate operational inefficiencies with innovative ID card solutions.

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